About us

Giant Leap Technologies is your specialist in IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions. We ensure that your devices, machines and sensors can be monitored, managed and controlled remotely. As experts in all aspects of IoT solutions we provide you with a total concept; from application-oriented design and development through to implementation and execution.

We design and develop each application, providing and developing any necessary hardware, assist in setting up a network infrastructure and act as a web application service provider. We use only the latest, most flexible and scaleable techniques.

Our team possess broad technical knowledge and many years of experience combined with a no-nonsense approach in order to develop creative, practical and durable working solutions for our clients. This has resulted in the development of a wide range of successful IoT applications over the last few years.

Giant Leap ensures that the appropriate functional, technical and cost analyses are conducted, resulting in a tailor made IoT application. We are committed to working with you on optimising your business processes through the use of different techniques and supporting applications. As a result, we have realised new efficiency gains for all our clients. Our strength lies in creating customised solutions together.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of IoT applications for your business, then please contact one of our advisors on +31 20 888 4960.

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Our services

We have been providing M2M/IoT services for over almost a decade, gathering the experience and expertise to support your M2M business reliably and cost effectively. Our dedicated IoT team focus on specific industries. They can support every aspect of your IoT activities and also help design customized end-to-end IoT solutions. We offer a broad variety of state-of-the-art software and hardware for your unique end-to-end IoT solution.


Advice and Accompagnement

Giant Leap offers advice on identifying, calculating, preparing, implementing and organizing M2M applications. Particularly in the area of ​​Remote Management applications, our extensive experience allows us to effectively analyse the technical, organisational and commercial opportunities and threats for businesses.

GSM Access Control

Telekey: your phone is key Telekey is access via a mobile phone with your caller ID used as a "key". This unique way of access is via a secure web environment. You decide who, when and where to access. Telekey stores everything and presents in clear reports. At any location where a mobile phone can receive calls the Telekey system can be applied. For example: Car parks or sites that utilizes barriers, automatic gates or retractable poles. Supplier Inputs, home care situations or service areas where the spaces are in use by different vendors, engineers or suppliers.

Remote Monetoring & Control

Giant Leap develops total solutions for the management, control and monitoring of machinery. We are experienced in advising on the set up, system development, implementation and the management and monitoring. Giant Leap’s M2M platform which allows access to your machinery is called SARA, System Analysis for Applied Remote. This system provides a robust solution to remotely manage, monitor and control your equipment.

Automated Meter Reading

Giant Leap provides key technology allowing energy measurements from individual households to be transmitted via mobile or fixed internet. Having worked hard the last few years on developing hardware, embedded software and a server application we are also able to provide the necessary server technology so that the data measurements can be processed. Giant Leap has developed this for Smart Dutch.

Mobile Interface & Web Interface

Giant Leap is an expert in developing web based applications for making data accessible. These applications are characterized by an attractive look and feel, their user friendly nature and reliability.

Platform for prepaid connectivity

If you are an OEM or supplier of IoT mobile devices and you want to make your customer responsible for connectivity and the associated costs, our platform will help you with that. You can easily invite your customers or partners (eg installers) to pay for various connectivity plans via our API at managed portals (eg Cisco Jasper). Convert costs to income or choose to have at least no ongoing costs.

Vision on IOT

Giant Leap wants to create value together with you by developing, implementing and integrating IoT applications within your business. We see that huge potential can be gained for many companies in managing its machinery and equipment fleet. Examples include cost savings on maintenance, damage or loss; increasing service levels and improving customer experience; streamlining business processes; optimising the use of resources; remote data collection and reporting and creating new services. Organisations that will benefit most from the possibilities of IoT are, as with most automation projects, those that have a structured, creative, well considered and robust approach.

We research and implement the most appropriate applications which will create more added value and turnover for your business. Giant Leap is engaged in establishing a clear overview of the possibilities and turning these into a realistic business case, leading to the implementation of an IoT solution.

Based on our experiences, we have developed the Giant Leap IoT Maturity Model which allows us to discuss your requirements and the possible applications within your company. As such, we are able to a lay a solid foundation for the realization of your vision and goals.

As well as providing advice and guidance in examining the potential of IoT applications within your organization, Giant Leap is experienced in building and implementing end-to-end solutions for IoT. Using our in-house developed 5 step plan, we support you in visibly distinguishing your company in the market.

For an appointment to discuss the possibilities of the Giant Leap Maturity model and our five-step plan, or if you would simply like more information about our model and approach then please contact one of our advisors on +31 20 888 4960.


Currently we do not have any vacancies.

However, please feel free to send your resume to jobs@giantleap.info and we will contact you as our team grows and we see a possible fit.