'Your phone is key'

Telekey is access via a mobile phone with your caller ID used as a "key". This unique way of access is via a secure web environment. You decide who, when and where to access. Telekey stores everything and presents in clear reports.

At any location where a mobile phone can receive calls the Telekey system can be applied. For example: Car parks or sites that utilizes barriers, automatic gates or retractable poles. Supplier Inputs, home care situations or service areas where the spaces are in use by different vendors, engineers or suppliers.


No expensive hardware keys or cards are needed. Nowadays, everyone has its phone constantly with him or her. Time consuming processes of loss, intake or issue are past processes. Another advantage is that the key is such as GSM not recognizable. The Caller ID is finally the key to the system. The communication is done via the mobile network so that no additional (fixed) infrastructure is needed. Since 2012 Giant Leap launched a Smartphone app that makes the access to multiple sites even easier.


Online, fast, easy and above all it is safe. Via any web browser, 24/7 you can manage one or multiple locations for access control. Alternatively, you can grant users access a certain time period. If desired, you will receive an SMS. All operations for access, authorizations and changes are logged online.


Telekey is ideal for frequent mutations and remote management. You save the trouble of issuing and withdrawal of cards, keys or number plate recognition and the possible loss thereof. In case of the situation that passes or a key solution in already into place than Telekey is still useful in situations where the administrator remotely can grant access to additional persons if needed.


With Telekey you can, at any time of day and night, deny or grant access to everyone, regardless where you are based. When you allow authorization, an ordinary (GSM) phone becomes a key.

To gain access, the phone number of the base (mobile number) should be called. The base station does technically not answer the phone, but breaks contact immediately after the caller ID is received. So there are no call charges. When unknown numbers dial the number acces is blocked and the administrator will be notified.

The system consists of a unique Telekey Box and the Telekey Service Center.

The Telekey Box (the base) is fitted at any save place near the secure passage and controls the technical access and release of the passage. The system provides a control signal, for example, to a lock control or fence, so that the passage is released.

The Telekey Service Center is a user friendly website, where the authorizations are entered and processed. We can help you with the first implementation.


With Telekey you have:

- An application to any door, gate-, or barrier;

- Always and everywhere online availability;

- No costs of call;

- A very high level of safety;

- Simple and practical use;

- Vandalism or damage to card reader is the past tense;

- Ideal for use in remote or unattended locations;

- Ideal use for occasional users;

- A very cost effective application;

- An app that automatically displays all authorizations;

- A unique product!