Automated Meter Reading

Giant Leap provides key technology allowing energy measurements from individual households to be transmitted via mobile or fixed internet.  Having worked hard the last few years on developing hardware, embedded software and a server application we are also able to provide the necessary server technology so that the data measurements can be processed.  Giant Leap has developed this for Smart Dutch.

Smart Dutch works with meshed networks; in other words it ensures that the various electricity, gas, warmth and water meters in a district are able to communicate with each other and process the data measurements as a group.

The Automated Meter Reading applications for Smart Dutch are still being developed. In the next project phase, Giant Leap will be expanding and innovating the functionality and the security of this system further.

The technology that Giant Leap has developed for the Smart Meter can also be used for different applications e.g. diagnostic Fleet Management of Fork lift Trucks.

For more information over the possibilities for your business then please contact John Versmissen on Tel 020-888 4960.